RJ Haynie and Associates Destroyed My Truck!

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On the way to lunch from my shop 11-09-11 around 1pm in Winder off of HWY 211.RJ Haynie and Associates are performing work in front of the Hills Ace Hardware.

The flagman motions for me to go through with the other 30 vehicles. As I am sitting in traffic at the red light, BOOM. The backhoe operator Chris Reece plows into my truck while not paying attention. My truck is pushed into oncoming traffic and it wasn't until I layed down on the horn he stopped.

I called RJ Haynie and associates to make them aware of the accident and was told by Hap Stanley that his insurance would not cover me being hit. These people are crazy! I would highly recommend going around any job sites these incompetent individuals are on. They are an extreme risk and liability to the general public in my personal opinion.

Still fighting to get them to take care of the damage they caused me. Imagine, you are sitting in traffic, a tractor plows into you and its your fault? The officer could not write a ticket to the backhoe operator, so they get off?

Simply amazing!Avoid these people at all costs for your own safety!

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Georgia, United States #950259

This guy has problems it was he's fault. They put line closer in for you to say out and this guy didn't stay out he decided to drove he truck in it and he said it's RJ Haynie fault " That's why work signs are up"

Chicago, Illinois, United States #950249

You need to pay attention to what you are doing and not come over in to someone line closer that why your truck was hit the operator was doing his job


I know this company and their people very well.I have dealt with them for over 20 years.

They are first class people! There is no way I believe this story. They have been around too long to have done things like you are saying.

Please get the facts straight on R.


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